Hirakata Farms introduces a new melon beer for fall 2017!

Banded Oak's Hirakata Farms Crenshaw Melon IPA celebrates the end of the Rocky Ford Cantaloupe season

Hirakata Farms has partnered with Denver craft brewery Banded Oak Brewing Company to whip up a batch of limited edition Crenshaw melon IPA. The Crenshaw melon's flavor is similar to the famed Rocky Ford Cantaloupe, but a bit sweeter and slightly spicy.

The beautifully balanced India Pale Ale leans toward a West Coast-style IPA with copious amounts of CTZ and Chinook hops, while staying true to Colorado with an infusion of Hirakata Farms Rocky Ford Crenshaw melon that adds sweetness with an appreciable spice to mellow the hoppiness.

The collaboration with Banded Oak Brewing Company increases the amount of Hirakata Farms' Rocky Ford melon beer available this year, giving everyone the chance to taste a pint on draught and take home a few ounces.

"We are so excited to work with Banded Oak Brewing to increase the scope of the project this year," said Michael Hirakata, co-owner of Hirakata Farms. "The Crenshaw melon is kind of the ugly ducking of the varieties we grow, but it's also one of the sweetest."

Banded Oak creates both classic and unique styles of beer aimed at being accessible to both hardcore beer geeks and patio drinkers alike. The head brewer combines the best quality traditional and non-traditional ingredients to create their in-house brews.

"We couldn't wait to get involved in this project," said Banded Oak Brewing owner Will Curtin. "Working with a local, family-owned farm like Hirakata Farms to get the best seasonal Colorado ingredients is exciting as brewers and beer drinkers."

The IPA is available on tap for a short time at:

A very limited number of 750ml bottles will be available for purchase through Banded Oak Brewing's taproom during the end-of season bottle release event September 30th at 6pm. Enjoy a last sip of summer quickly, before it's gone!

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PR Contact, M&C Communications

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About Hirakata Farms

Hirakata Farms is committed to bringing our customers safe and quality produce. Our family farm covers more than 1200 acres around Rocky Ford Colorado’s Arkansas Valley. We consider ourselves stewards of this land that we’ve been so very fortunate to farm for more than 100 years. We’re dedicated to using our water and other natural resources wisely to ensure that future generations benefit from our legacy.

We are, and always have been committed to the safety and integrity of our produce. Hirakata Farms is a member of the Rocky Ford Growers Association and the lead packer for Rocky Ford Cantaloupe, a melon which has had a perfect safety record since 1887. When you see the Hirakata Farms/Rocky Ford Growers Association sticker you will know our cantaloupes, watermelons, and honeydews have been grown and packaged following stringent national safety procedures.


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