Hirakata Farms toasts the end of the Rocky Ford melon season with limited edition beer and bottle release party

Extend the Rocky Ford Cantaloupe season with a last sip of summer in a new beer from Banded Oak Brewing

This Saturday's bottle release will feature brief remarks on the beer collaboration by Michael Hirakata and Will Curtin, and the importance of eating- and drinking local- from Slow Food Denver director Krista Roberts.  

The end-of-season party celebrates another successful harvest of Rocky Ford Melons with a collaboration beer project: Banded Oak's Hirakata Farms Crenshaw Melon IPA. The Crenshaw melon's flavor is similar to the famed Rocky Ford Cantaloupe, but a bit sweeter and slightly spicy.

The bottle release event will feature a limited number of specially-labeled 750ml bottles of the Crenshaw melon IPA for beer drinkers to take home. In keeping with goal of eating-and-drinking-seasonally, it should be enjoyed quickly and not cellared for later.


What: Banded Oak's Hirakata Farms Crenshaw Melon IPA bottle release and end-of-season party, featuring a live band and local favorite food truck El Gallo Blanco

When: 6pm September 30th

Where: Banded Oak Brewing Company, 470 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203 


This year's beer collaboration resulted in a very limited batch of a beautifully balanced India Pale Ale that leans toward a West Coast-style IPA while staying true to Colorado with the addition of Rocky Ford’s Hirakata Farms Crenshaw melon. It's brewed with copious amounts of CTZ and Chinook hops, and features a fruity bouquet reminiscent of grapefruit with underlying notes of evergreen and pinesap. Simply: it's really, really good, and easy to drink.

"Beer drinkers are celebrating the full-flavored taste of this IPA with just a hint of sweet melon flavor," said Banded Oak Brewing Company's owner Will Curtin. "When we put this beer up on our taproom menu board, people immediately recognized the Hirakata Farms name and were excited to try it!"

The Crenshaw melon isn't as common as the Rocky Ford Cantaloupe, but is highly prized for its sweetness and unusual flavor.

"Customers tell us that they're always looking for Rocky Ford Melons, and this is a way to get your fall fix," said Hirakata Farms' Michael Hirakata. "It's a new and exciting way for people to enjoy the Rocky Ford melons that we love to grow."


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PR Contact, M&C Communications

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About Hirakata Farms

Hirakata Farms is committed to bringing our customers safe and quality produce. Our family farm covers more than 1200 acres around Rocky Ford Colorado’s Arkansas Valley. We consider ourselves stewards of this land that we’ve been so very fortunate to farm for more than 100 years. We’re dedicated to using our water and other natural resources wisely to ensure that future generations benefit from our legacy.

We are, and always have been committed to the safety and integrity of our produce. Hirakata Farms is a member of the Rocky Ford Growers Association and the lead packer for Rocky Ford Cantaloupe, a melon which has had a perfect safety record since 1887. When you see the Hirakata Farms/Rocky Ford Growers Association sticker you will know our cantaloupes, watermelons, and honeydews have been grown and packaged following stringent national safety procedures.


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